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Bitcoin Stolen StrongU Miner STU-U6 .1440803 paid to 1Q9r9T7U3syKa1v7CxmKiFccSo2qSs9XWD via Bitcoin Stolen Z9 Mini .12380702 paid to 1HqsP8hASurtZ1uv1zUb5Ff2UgD4N6daiK via Bitcoin Stolen 2 S9 with Psu's .05652227 paid to 3PWQ8abW1XvJ2Ps4hkW1tQJyxFfpih2xCd via *James H. Long* Washington? Book Stolen (Nowhere Near Perfect) Estimated Value 1,000,000 USD

I know they say never ask anyone for money or that but if you can help me recover the approximate $3300 canadian with a litecoin donation or perhaps a book purchase I would appreciate it